16 August 2008

Saturday morning...

I made another purse. Another 'grab bag' from allpeoplequilt.com. This purse is a rich, chocolate brown, faux silk with a hot pink lining. The inside pockets I changed a little from the pattern. Since I am an artist and I like to carry my sketching with me; I made several slender pockets to accommodate some pencils and pens. I plan on making another one, but that purse will have even deeper pockets to keep everything more secure. Now, if I made it the size of a suitcase, it would be perfect, hmmmm........

14 August 2008


Today I completed a project. A purse, called a Grab Bag. I got the pattern for it at allpeoplequilt.com. I'm rather pleased with how this little purse turned out and it was fun and easy enough that I think I may make another one. It's only drawback, if indeed this actually is a drawback, is it's size. It's quite small, for me at least. I usually carry around something that resembles a suitcase in size.

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