23 August 2008

Saturday evening

The past few days have been busy for me. DH has been on vacation and I have been sewing and sewing. It's like I'm driven to sew as much as I can before I go back to work on Tuesday. I plan on taking pictures tomorrow of all the things I've finished.
I went to the Chicken Coop this morning and got a great deal on a ton of old buttons. Many of which are mother of pearl. I also got a darling pair of vintage sterling silver earrings. They are really quite pretty. Again, pictures tomorrow.
We (DH and I) have had one of the children here this weekend that we do respite care for. We have been doing that for the past few years; either for this child or one of his siblings. We will take him home tomorrow afternoon.
We've, meaning my son, lost the key to the garage again. I really don't know what it is about that darn key; I mean, it's been "lost" so many times before but, this time it looks like it's really lost.
Hopefully we'll either find it or get a new key before we need the snowblower. Hey, I know it's only August now, but before we know it, it'll be November.

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